Do you love to watch movies? Do you always go on a movie date with your family and love ones? If yes, then for sure you already have spent a lot of money buying movie tickets. But did you know that you can save money while you enjoy watching movies?

Watching Movies Online or in Movie Theatres

It can be tough for you decide where you will enjoy watching movies. If you have enough money then surely you will go to a movie theatre however, if you are in a tight budget then watching online is your best option. Let us now compare the differences between watching movies online and watching movies in theatres.

Watching Movies in CINEMA

It’s great to watch movies on big screen and on 3D. There is surround sound making it feel more real. It’s always fun to go out with family and friends. The atmosphere of watching movies in a big room together with lots of people is very enjoyable. You get to watch the latest movie instead of waiting for it in DVD copy. You get to enjoy freshly cooked and good quality popcorn. The cold atmosphere is great for cuddle when you’re with your husband or wife or, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Watching Movies ONLINE

Watching movies in the cinema can be more costly than watching movies online. Watching movies online is free when you have your device and internet connection. There are latest movies you can download and watch online, like in 123moviesfree. You don’t have to wait and fall in line to get your tickets or to go inside the cinema. You can do whatever you want like pausing the movie because you need to get a drink. You can always play it back if you did not understand what happened to the movie.You get to enjoy the movie at the comfort of your home. It’s always nice to watch movies while eating the food you prepare for your loved ones.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that you enjoy the movie and the company of your love ones.



November 11, 2017